2020 Ocean Lava Covid-19 Protocols


We appreciate that these are challenging times and we are working hard to ensure that a safe environment is created for you.   

However, such safety depends on you as well and it is imperative that you co-operate with the Covid-19 protocols issued and which you can see below.  

  • All Participants will be screened prior to entering the Transition Zone
  • Athletes displaying a higher than normal temperature will not be allowed to race.
  • Wearing a Mask is obligatory AT ALL TIMES when NOT racing.
  • Masks to be removed immediately before entering the water and as soon as the race is finished.
  • No Spectators, Family, Friends, Coaches will be allowed in the Transition Zone and in the vicinity of the Race Area
  • All Participants will need to have their hands sanitised before entering the Transition Zone.
  • Social Distancing (keeping 2m / 6 ft away from each other) is to be kept at all times
  • If in the past 14 days you have felt unwell or attended any events that have been subject to Covid-19 Positive monitoring please refrain from attending.
  • Athletes who travelled to Malta or who have travelled in the last 14 days are to present a negative result of a swab test carried out within the previous 72 hours;
  • There will be no Prize Giving Presentation. Trophies to the first three male and female winners, as well as Age Group Trophies will be collected by athletes prior to their departure from the Transition Zone.
  • Athletes are to leave the area IMMEDIATELY once race is finished.  

We would also like to remind athletes, who do not have a Malta Triathlon Federation Membership to get in touch immediately so we can assist with the provision of a One Day License. 

In the meantime, keep safe! 

The Ocean Lava Malta Triathlon Team