2020 Ocean Lava Malta Sanctioning by Malta Triathlon Federation


The Ocean Lava Malta Triathlon, was sanctioned by the Malta Triathlon Federation and designated as National Championships and eligible for Triathlete of the Year Points for a large number of years.

Unfortunately, as you might have already heard this morning, this sanctioning has been withdrawn in view of the fact that a number of athletes had not yet applied for their one day license – a recently introduced requirement by the Federation. 

Whilst the organisers of Ocean Lava Malta have done their best to co-operate fully with the Federation to ensure that this happens, the little time afforded to us to have this organised – keeping in mind the uncertainty and the increased protocols Covid-19 has forced us to implement (at our own cost of course), we were faced with the option of either accepting the Federation’s decision – not to allow unlicensed athletes to compete, cancel the event completely or else not have it sanctioned.

We are fully aware of the hours of training that you athletes have put in to race as well as your desire to race – seeing how many races were cancelled this year. So cancelling the race – just a few days before it happening, was not an option. This would have been totally unfair to you all. 

Those who have applied for the One Day License will get a refund by the Federation – apologies for this inconvenience. It was certainly not our intention.

We are already looking at working even closer with the Federation to ensure that this matter will be rectified for 2021, but in the meantime we wish you to focus on Sunday’s race and make sure you have the best race ever.

Stay Safe!