2020 Ocean Lava Malta Race - POSTPONED

2020 Ocean Lava Banner - Postponed 

For over a decade, the Malta 113km Triathlon has been a staple event on many local and international triathlete’s diary.  Although the organisation of such event, by such a small team, incurs a lot of hard work, it is with great responsibility that we have decided to postpone this year’s edition.

Whilst we had hoped that by mid-May things would have improved, allowing for the possibility of events to start taking place again,  this is becoming less likely.

We are, also,,  very much aware of the fact that training conditions – not only for the international athletes planning to visit Malta for this race, but also local athletes,  have been subject to a number of restrictions. 

Whilst postponing the race was not an easy choice to make, well-being of the athletes is our priority even if it means postponing an event.  We still hope that we will be in a position to host this year later on in the year, but of course this depends on how this pandemic evolves and on what the Health Authorities advise us to do.

We thank you for the support you have shown us throughout the years, we hope to see you sooner rather than later on that finishing line.

In the meantime, please stay safe and keep well.